The College Planning Tip: How can I maximize scholarships?

Most kids in high school and parents unfortunately are at a disadvantage when it comes to college funding.   The main reason is because families don't know if the financial aid package provided by the college is in fact a good or average deal.  Important questions families should ask themselves when preparing for this daunting process are:  Do we have a college planning coach or specialist that can help us lower our expected family contribution? (EFC).  Are we exceeding our asset protection allowance, and if so, how do we re-position assets to be under the exemption?  What can we do as a family to exceed the average amount of non need based aid?   Life Insurance products and annuity products can be good outlets for families to protect their financial needs by lowering both their EFC and staying under their asset protection allowance.  Families earning more than $80,000 of adjusted gross income should always strongly consider using a certified college advisor or an specialist that specializes in college planning.  Families who want to maximize the most amount of scholarships and financial aid, should work with professionals who specialize in college planning, as early as the student enters high school.