The Middle Market Health Coverage Strategy

The constant challenge for many middle market companies today is to catch up with the Affordable Care Act, and provide lower cost health insurance without compromising benefits.   Sure, a company could ideally just opt to choose a plan with higher deductibles therefore lowering premiums.  Problem solved, right?   Not so fast.   The challenge that many middle market companies face is trying to keep the employees happy, the regulators happy AND KEEP their investors happy.

Possible solution:  What if we are able to structure a plan where a company keep their current major health insurance provider, reduce premiums by raising deductibles and gap the deductible with a group indemnity policy?   Depending upon the insurance carrier that's offering the gap coverage, it's very possible that middle market companies could reduce overall premiums, and provide enhanced benefits for critical illnesses such as cancer, strokes or outpatient care.  Most importantly, it's possible that a enterprise could increase their cash flow, provide affordable healthcare coverage for their employees, and offer an added voluntary benefit to help fill in the gaps.

In summary, never has it been more important that HR managers, CFO's and corporate executives seek out qualified professional help that can help structure and price their overall health benefits package.