The College Planning Tip: Attach a photo with a scholarship application

This is the time of the year where seniors in high school are diligently looking for and applying to scholarship opportunities.  As a matter of fact, most students are given a set of instructions from the specific scholarship sponsor as to what information should be included with an essay.   It's not uncommon to find students who can compose creative content for their essays, or even go the extra mile of having their essays professionally edited.  The question really comes down to: What's the student ultimately trying to accomplish on their scholarship application?

Answer: It's not always the student with the best grades, or grammar, or writing style of the essay.  More often than not, it's the student who best connects their story with the scholarship sponsor.  Now I am definitely not saying that grades, achievements, activities have no importance, but I am saying that sponsors typically want to feel some sort of connection with the applicant.   Don't view the application as "needs to be better", but think of it as "unique".  How can one student stand out from all the other scholarship applicants?  Having said that, send in a recent professional high school picture.  Like the old saying: "a picture is worth a thousand words".

Some scholarship sponsors want to have a good visualization of their students when reviewing their applicants.   Why not just give them what they want?  Literally.